XB-40 Retunings?

Tim Moyer wrote:

>The XB-40 was designed to provide
>more flexibility in the bends, and not
>as a sort of augmented standard diatonic,
>but it requires some additional discipline to
>fully exploit the possibilities.

I would argue that the XB-40, while opening up great new avenues of
expression, requires additional discipline not only to fully exploit the
possibilities, but merely to play in tune.

Chromaticity on the thing?  I look forward to seeing what, and who, emerges.
I agree with Pat Missin that it's probably as difficult to play in F# on a
XB-40 in C as it is on a standard C diatonic set up for overblows and
overdraws.  But I don't know; my opinion, unlike Pat's, is based on only
short amounts of playing time on the XB-40 on a couple of occasions, and I
would love for someone to contradict me with a post along the lines of "It's
actually quite easy once you realize that...."

I don't have an XB-40 yet.  I'm too busy learning to play a Marine Band


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