custom harp promotion

Hi Everyone,
It's been awhile since I posted an add for my customized Hohner diatonic
I have a few customized Marine Band's that are ready to ship and I will
extend the regular 30 day guarantee to 6 months!
Customized harps have a life of many years, but they do require an
occacional reed replacement. This usually costs about $20 after the
guarantee runs out.
I believe that they are cheaper in the long run because they out live
stock harps and they sound allot better.
The tone of my customized harps is ALLOT better then the tone of stock
harps. They are also ALLOT more responcive!
Anyway, for more info go to
I will also offer free shipping for a limited time only.
Any orders before March 1st will have the extended guarantee and free
Bob Meehan

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