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> Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 11:06:56 -0800 (PST)
> From: Robb Bingham <robbingham@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Feedback Eaters
> How about ~Feedback Eaters~.
> I've been living under the assumption that it's better
> to get to know your amp/mic/venue dynamics [learning
> your ~soundman chops~, if you will], rather than
> depend on one.

You're correct here, Robb. Long ago, I thought it was only as simple as
picking up the mic and blowin', wailin', whatever. With correct technique
(understand that it's not as simple as an airtight grip, either), you can
have a full, rich and powerful sound, regardless of volume, and loud enough
that you should never need a feedback eater.

>Also I've seen people use them with the
> re-issue Bassman, and get so frustrated [between no
> volume and screeching]- at the changing song-to-song
> sound levels, that they kicked their amp over and
> played through the PA mic for the last 3 songs.

My Bassman RI is a full-blown guitar amp. NO harp-friendly mods, special
speakers, modified circuitry or special preamp tube subs. It has a
point-to-point board, and is tubed for that particular circuitry. I play
into the hot channel, #1 normal. It's plenty loud when it has to be, full of
tone, and sounds great.

> On the other hand, I know Steve Baker has one in/on
> his modified re-issue BM and he swears he can stand in
> front of it at 8 [Does he ever really play at 8?].

When pushed by a guitarist, and at a venue that had "open" acoustics, I once
had my Bassman RI at 7.5. Once. For one song. That was enough for me.

> Question: Can a guy who can barely transfer data from
> his computer to his palm pilot use a feedback eater?
> And, is there one that will work just as well on
> several different sized tube amps? And do they REALLY
> work; that is, can they radically boost your volume
> while allowing compressed distortion- - - or do they
> just clip out the violating frequencies and, in
> essence, turn down ~for you~ [I mean, my Vibrochamp
> would sound GREAT if I could turn it up to 6, but
> would the FE be cutting out the stuff I want to hear]?

You got it, Robb...I would venture to say that all of these devices are
going to take out some of the good with the bad. Just how much depends on
the effectiveness of a particular unit. You can't have your cake and eat it


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