Re: the Scene in Chicago?

JP -  Buzz covered the big names in Chicago.  I would
simply chime in and mention some lesser-known guys in
town that are wonderful - Harmonica Hinds, Dave
Waldman (an unbelieveable blues guy), Harmonica Khan,
Little Arthur Duncan and Rob Stone.  These guys all
play in clubs pretty regularly.  There are dozens of
other "harmonica hobbyists" that are ass-kickers. 
Many of them are current or former students of Joe
Filisko at the Old Town School.  And we also are lucky
to have James Conway, a giant talent of the Irish
harmonica (and he plays blues, too).  Buzz is right -
lotsa talent.

Best jam IMHO - Tuesdays at Bill's Blues Bar in
Evanston.  Lots of great harp players.

Come to Chicago - you will love it.

Mr. G

- --- Jp Pagan <jpl_pagan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all,
>   for those of you living in or near Chicago, what's
> the harp/blues/music scene like there now? there's a
> possibility i'll move there from NYC (where the
> scene
> is small but the talent is huge) and i want to know
> what it would be like. are there good people to
> learn
> from, or schools with good classes? are there good
> shows on a regular basis? is the jam scene friendly?
>   feel free to reply offlist. and thank you.
>      --Jp 
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