Re: music notation scanning program

There is a program called Smart Score that is a great program to use.  You can even download a trial version of this program on 
You can scan a piace of music and it will play on your computer or through your midi keyboard.  It works with PC or Mac.  Give it a try.  

Roger Gonzales

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From: Philharpn@xxxxxxx
Date: Monday, February 23, 2004 10:16 am
Subject: music notation scanning program

> Several years ago, before I had a really good scanner, I briefly 
> looked into 
> scanning software. That was also midi keyboard loadable.
> The music notation program I used to use is no longer available 
> and I don't 
> think it works with Windows 2000.
> What is the best available today?
> Phil Lloyd/AHN

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