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They were billed at John Cephas and Harmonica Phil Wiggins when they first 
started out and are arguably the best Piedmont harp-guitarist "Blues Week" at 
Augusta Heritage Workshops in Elkins, W.Va. duo going...

Which is not to say, there are not other dynamic duos. There are. But these 
guys seem to have carved out a niche (mixed metro-phore?) of their own.

Phil Lloyd, Contributing Editor
American Harmonica Newsmagazine
published bi-monthly and a little late this month
Phil Wiggins is the harp player to Cephas and Wiggins (With John Cephas 
handling guitar duties). They are a great acoustic duo and are among the best to 
play the piedmont style blues. Here is the lowdown on Cephas and 
Wiggins: All Music Guide: Cephas & Wiggins



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