Re: the Scene in Chicago?

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 09:11:56AM -0800, Jp Pagan wrote:
> hi all,
>   for those of you living in or near Chicago, what's
> the harp/blues/music scene like there now? there's a
> possibility i'll move there from NYC (where the scene
> is small but the talent is huge) and i want to know
> what it would be like. are there good people to learn
> from, or schools with good classes? are there good
> shows on a regular basis? is the jam scene friendly? 
>   feel free to reply offlist. and thank you.
>      --Jp 

You can take lessons from Joe Filisko at the Old Town School
of Folk Music.  I think I've heard he's a little good...  :)

There are a number of clubs and shows most all the time.  If
you are in Chicago, pick up a copy of the Reader and look
for blues.


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