RE: Harmonica Tabulature

You'll have to buy his system for all the TB stuff but basically:

4 = 4 draw (no notation means draw)
4+=4 blow (plus means blow)
2' = 2 draw bent
2" = 2 draw double bent
2"' = 3 draw triple bent

Two notes riding piggy-back = two hole shake, circle over note means 

He uses a lot of different stuff, but this should get you through the 


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>This month's issue of "Blues Revue" has transcription/tabulature of 
>portions of
>David Barret songs.  The written portion of the article sounds interesting, 
>but I
>can't make heads or tails of the "system" he uses to notate the music.  
>Short of
>buying David's Instructional System, is there a place where I can find out 
>to read this notation system?
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