Re: the Scene in Chicago?

Chicago has way to many good harp players.  I can't even get a gig.  Howard
Levy, Corkey Seigal, Sugar Blue, Mathew Skoller, Tom Albanese, Joe Filisko,
Doug Randell and many many more.  Wounderful teachers such as John Milan,
John Costa, Greg Gabor to name a few and of course Filisko in my opinion the
best is at the Old Town School of Folk Music.  Jams?  At least one or two
almost every night all over the area.  Some are hangouts for harp players.
We also have The Windy City Harmonica Club of which I have been a member for
15 years. Chicago is a very friendly place for harmonica players.
      Hope to see you here\

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Subject: the Scene in Chicago?

> hi all,
>   for those of you living in or near Chicago, what's
> the harp/blues/music scene like there now? there's a
> possibility i'll move there from NYC (where the scene
> is small but the talent is huge) and i want to know
> what it would be like. are there good people to learn
> from, or schools with good classes? are there good
> shows on a regular basis? is the jam scene friendly?
>   feel free to reply offlist. and thank you.
>      --Jp
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