Re: music notation scanning program

At 18:16 23/02/2004, Philharpn@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Several years ago, before I had a really good scanner, I briefly looked 
>into scanning software. That was also midi keyboard loadable.
>The music notation program I used to use is no longer available and I 
>don't think it works with Windows 2000.
>What is the best available today?
>Phil Lloyd/AHN
If yuo want to do a really pro job then the programs to go for are 
Neuratron for reading the music from scans and Sibelius for doing all your 
general music writing.

If you just want a fairly simplistic music editing for publication program 
then you can't do better than Personal composer.

I have used most of the decent programs including Finale etc, the above are 
really easier to use and excellent in output.

If you want to know more, contact me privately.


Douglas t 

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