Feedback Eaters

How about ~Feedback Eaters~. 

I've been living under the assumption that it's better
to get to know your amp/mic/venue dynamics [learning
your ~soundman chops~, if you will], rather than
depend on one. Also I've seen people use them with the
re-issue Bassman, and get so frustrated [between no
volume and screeching]- at the changing song-to-song
sound levels, that they kicked their amp over and
played through the PA mic for the last 3 songs.

On the other hand, I know Steve Baker has one in/on
his modified re-issue BM and he swears he can stand in
front of it at 8 [Does he ever really play at 8?].

Question: Can a guy who can barely transfer data from
his computer to his palm pilot use a feedback eater?
And, is there one that will work just as well on
several different sized tube amps? And do they REALLY
work; that is, can they radically boost your volume
while allowing compressed distortion- - - or do they
just clip out the violating frequencies and, in
essence, turn down ~for you~ [I mean, my Vibrochamp
would sound GREAT if I could turn it up to 6, but
would the FE be cutting out the stuff I want to hear]?


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