Pierre wrote:
> I'm a big Béla Fleck fan and I find their best album that includes Howard
> playing is Flight of the Cosmic Hippo. I know some of the tunes of that
> albums are covers but they are really well done. With respect to
> I think they just pick a few licks and jam around it but they are masters
> at keeping it interesting. I realize what I just said is a great
> oversimplification so please don't flame me.

The Flecktones "pick a few licks", eh, Pierre?  I'd be interested in your
estimation of a band that really gets it ~down~!  :)

In addition to "UFOTOFU" and "Flight", I also recommend that any who hasn't
already give "Live Art" a try.  "The Sinister Minister" is one of the most
amazing harmonica-oriented songs of any genre and any era, IMHO.  Levy's
harp soars to some amazing places in nearly any song he plays, but the
"Minister" is something special, even for him.  The rest of the "Live Art"
album is top-notch, too.

> 8<...If Béla Fleck shows up in your town, don't miss it.

I'll second that'n, Pierre!  In addition to being peerless musicians, in any
configuration of personnel the Flecktones are always great performers.

Besides the harp, I've always loved banjo and bass guitar, so the Flecktones
were a natch for me from the get-go (liked New Grass Revival, too).  Béla
and Victor Wooten both push their instruments to new frontiers with
fantastic results (not to mention Future Man  ;).  I wish Howard was still
with them.  I find some of the more avante-gard jazz he does these days to
be less "accessible" than his older work with the Flecktones.  For that
matter I like the older Flecktones work better, too... YMMV.  :)

If you like classical music (especially Bach), you should give a listen to
Béla's recent album, "Perpetual Motion".  It's amazing how "at home" Béla
and his banjo can be with classical music.  Beautiful.


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