Blues Harp Action in Evanston Illinois

I wanted to invite all Chicago area Harp-L-ers (and
any others that may be visiting Chicago in March) to
stop by Bill's Blues Bar in Evanston IL Wednesday
March 3 and Wednesday March 17 (St. Patrick's Day!). 
Music starts at 9 pm.  The show will feature Mr. G and
the Mystery Band, a group of serious Chicago area
blues professionals.  Yers Trooly, Mr. G, will blow
harp and sing.  Shoji Naito will play bass (and
probably some harmonica and guitar - this guy is a
triple threat!).  Yoshi Mizuno will be holding down
the lead guitar chair.  Tino Cortez, one of the top
blues drummers in Chicago, will be keeping time for
us.  And we are hoping that Anthony Palmer, another
guitar superstar, will join us on the bandstand (he is
currently juggling his busy schedule to fit us in). 
We also are expecting to see some outstanding guests. 
A fine time will be had by all.  Any Harp-L-ers that
arrive at the door and say "I read about this on
Harp-L" will get in free.

So put on your Leprechaun suit and dig the blues on
St. Paddy's Day with the Mystery Band!  Or come down
on March 3 to catch a belated Mardi Gras celebration!

Mr. G

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