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  Around Xmas I discovered Ben Webster while browsing music samples in =
iTunes and I bought a couple of his albums. The guys phrasing (on the =
sax) is just amazing, very unique. In particular his tone and the way he =
shapes each note. He often plays these slow dark tunes, for example =
Chelsea bridge. Anybody got any idea how to get that kind of sound on  a =
diatonic or is this just a sax thing? Has anything like that ever been =
recorded on a harp?

  Hello Pierre,

  Thanks for the tip, I've already orderd up after listenting to some =
sound samples on Amazon.


  I like the dark mournful stuff too and would love to get some harp cd =
recommendations with that type of music.  Even if it's only one tune =
I'll buy the CD.

  I've had some success duplicating that sound on the diatonic.  I use =
low F and D harps with a fat delay and send the signal through my Harp =
Commander with the HC's bass turned up and the highs turned down.  I can =
get a pretty good saxy tone that, at times, sounds more like a horn than =
a hamonica.  I've got a Special 20 tuned to low C coming from Jimmy =
Gordon which should open up a whole other range of possibilities.

  One caveat, the low harps work well in a recording situation, but live =
they generally don't cut through the mix.  To make it work everyone has =
to turn down.


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