I'm a big Béla Fleck fan and I find their best album that includes Howard
playing is Flight of the Cosmic Hippo. I know some of the tunes of that
albums are covers but they are really well done. With respect to composition
I think they  just pick a few licks and jam around it but they are masters
at keeping it interesting. I realize what I just said is a great
oversimplification so please don't flame me.

They (Béla Fleck) came to Montreal last summer and I went to see them and
invited a bunch of friends. I was concerned my friends wouldn't like it but
the show was just amazing and everyone had a great time. It is certainly the
best live show I have seend in a long time.

If Béla Fleck shows up in your town, don't miss it.


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> I've been listening to Howard Levy playing with Bela Fleck and the
> on UFOTOFU. First off the harp playing is amazing. Howard is on of the
> diatonic harp players ever-technically I don't believe there's ever been a
> player that can touch him. As much as I admire the virtuosity, I'm not
fired up
> by the compositions. Nice music, but it doesn't get me excited. Maybe I
> some extended listening.There are places where the music is just sublme,
> just flows efortlessly opening my eyes to harp phrases that I not only
> thought of, but didn't know were possible.In other places it seems like
> playing difficult music for the sake of playing difficult music.Also,
while I'm
> a diatonic harp player, I thought a lot of the jazz phrasings would have
> sounded better on the chromatic. Could just be that's what I'm used to.
> Now how do I take this stuff and use it in my music?
> Rainbow Jimmy
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