FS: Eminence 1058 speakers

I am selling four identical Eminence 1058 speakers- 10 in, 8 ohm impedance,
large ceramic magnet,  condition mint but for marks at the screw holes and
terminals from mounting/soldering.  These speakers look identical to
Eminence speakers in the new Sonny Jr. amp.  The speakers came in a Concert
amp I bought from Sonny Jr. a few days ago, which was not set up as a harp
amp.  I could not get a straight answer from Gary about if these speakers
were the same as those in the his new amp.  (I am using three alnicos and a
Weber ceramic in the Concer)

Price is $50 for a pair (two pairs to sell) plus shipping.  The best web
price I could find for this speaker was $52 ea.

Thanks for looking-

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