I've been listening to Howard Levy playing with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones 
on UFOTOFU. First off the harp playing is amazing. Howard is on of the best 
diatonic harp players ever-technically I don't believe there's ever been a harp 
player that can touch him. As much as I admire the virtuosity, I'm not fired up 
by the compositions. Nice music, but it doesn't get me excited. Maybe I need 
some extended listening.There are places where the music is just sublme, it 
just flows efortlessly opening my eyes to harp phrases that I not only never 
thought of, but didn't know were possible.In other places it seems like they're 
playing difficult music for the sake of playing difficult music.Also, while I'm 
a diatonic harp player, I thought a lot of the jazz phrasings would have 
sounded better on the chromatic. Could just be that's what I'm used to.

Now how do I take this stuff and use it in my music?

Rainbow Jimmy

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