RE: gear & effects

I'm glad the conversation has recently expanded to gear...I'm an effects
junkie....and I'd like to know what effects harp players have tried and
really liked..
I like my Korg AX100G processor with foot pedal.
About $120 new, less on Ebay.   Favorites are:

"sugar Blue" patch with -5 cents detuning, and compression
"Mickey Raphael" patch with -15 cents detuning (tremolo)
octave drop (one octave down mixed with original signal)
70's wah-wah pedal for chords ("Shaft!")
Emerson Lake and Palmer synth sounds with full octave drop on foot pedal,
100% signal, no mix. (big climax, use sparingly)

(**intelligent harmonizer still sounds a little chipmunk-like for me**)

My favorite right now is the Hughes Kettner Rotosphere, which gives me the
ability to sound like Booker T....and opens up whole new tacks for
You are right! Leslie on harp sounds great! I used to play thru a real
Leslie cabinet. Most awesome sound! ("Thrill is gone", Natural Minor harp)
but getting by for now with a simple phaser patch for fake organs sound.

Also, after a lot of search, have settled on a Dan Echo delay
I use digital echo from the Korg, with a high-freq tone roll-off at 50% to
simulate tape echo. One return only! (no regeneration) Also love the Tap
Tempo feature to match the beat of each song.

Robert Hale
"the Duke Of Wail"
Coaching By Telephone
Gilbert, Arizona

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