Re: harp-l-digest V11 #10

So, I'm glad the conversation has recently expanded to gear...I'm an effects 
junkie....and i'd like to know what effects harp players have tried and really 
liked....I haven't seen much posted here on stomp boxes etc....and obviously 
few, if any, are designed with a harp player in mind....

So, please, don't go all blues or acoustic tone nazi   on me....just let me 
know if you have some fun effects...

My favorite right now is the Hughes Kettner Rotosphere, which gives me the 
ability to sound like Booker T....and opens up whole new tacks for soloing....

Also, after a lot of search, have settled on a Dan Echo delay (better than 
the analog Maxxon AD 80 I started with.)...and am going to try the new 
danelectro wasabi delay (may use both, one for mad space effects..the other for simple 
rockabilly slap back.)

any suggestions for other interesting stomp boxes??



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