Re: Sonny Jr. 4x10 amp speakers

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Just my observations here:

The Weber P10Q's are an "upgrade" from the standard P10R's. A lot of guitar
players like these. Gary has chosen the smooth cone for it's early break-up
alongside the ribbed version, whose stiffer cone gives it more headroom and
therefore, later break-up characteristics. The Eminence speakers have larger
magnets and can handle more power. They are more efficient and produce more
bass. The "Tidal wave of Sound" Gary describes seems to be from this
combination of speakers.

Comments, anyone? Does this make sense?

The only thing I would like to speak on is this notion of speaker breakup. If 
this the idea for the speaker set up then it is a seriously bad one. Speaker 
distortion is not the distortion you want from an amp, the break up you are 
looking for is coming from the amp itself (and that from the power tubes, not 
the preamp tubes). Speaker distortion will only mangle the tone coming out an 
amp. I did notice that Sonny did put two Eminence Legends on the bottom (both of 
these have some big magnets, as well Q sized Webers magnets on the top). Good 
sized magnets on the top and bottom makes me think he is not looking for 
speaker distortion. 


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