SPAH04 rack playing seminar?

Greetings rack players and fans of same!

This is to inquire if you would have any interest in attending or
participating in a SPAH04 seminar (St. Louis MO  Aug 19-23) on the general
subject of playing harmonica on a rack.

Please respond by editing and returning the following questionnaire:

(  ) I can/will attend SPAH04
(  ) I would like to attend a seminar on rack playing.
(  ) I would like to perform one or more pieces on my harp-on-a-rack.
(  ) I would like to share/discuss my rack-playing experience with others.
(  ) I would like to show the hardware that I use for rack playing.
(  ) I would like to offer for sale a CD or tape of my rack performances.
(  ) I would prepare a few charts/arrangements/std-notations of music for
rack playing
       for inclusion in a book to be offered to participants at the cost of
(  ) I will prepare one or two recordings of my rack-playing to be included
in a CD to be
       offered at the cost of reproduction.
(  ) I would be interested in a videotape of the seminar at the cost of
reproduction and

The scope of the seminar will be ALL rack playing, diatonic, XB40 and
chromatic by means of movable mouthpieces or foot pedals.  All musical
genres are desired...the more variety the better!  All makes and models of
racks, instruments and equipment will be demonstrated and discussed. I
anticipate that this would be a relatively small event that would fit in a
smaller meeting room.

Everyone will be welcome, including only the curious!

IF.....this poll indicates sufficient interest, then I will approach the
SPAH04 planners and offer to conduct such a seminar.  There is no guarantee
that they will concur that this will fit the conference overall program or
that space can be provided.

Let me know of your interest...if any!    ;o)

Vern Smith

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