Robert Bonifiglio Through the Raindrops Review

The local gift store in Machias had Robert's cassette(Through the Raindrops) 
on sale 1/2 price($5.00!). Beautiful harp playing, nice songs, good 
arrangements. The music covers the spectrum from some light jazz/new age to 
good solid jazz.

On the negative side-some of the new age synth sounds are a little dated and I 
like Charlie Musselwhite's version of Sleepwalk better, it's more rock and 

Minor criticism's aside, this is a great album, top notch music played with 
taste, skill, grace, and beauty by one of the best chromatic harp players in 
the business. Anyone could learn by swiping some of these riffs. His diatonic 
work is just as good, just not nearly enough of it.

People like to discuss tone on this list. If you want a solid definition of 
good chromatic tone-here it is. I need to practice.

Rainbow Jimmy

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