Re: XB-40 Retunings?

I've been playing the XB-40's for a few months.  I find they really lend themselves
towards 1st and 3rd position playing...especially 3rd, try playing some funk in 3rd on an
XB-40!!  I've come to the conclusion that this "extreme bending" concept would really be
great in a solo tuned layout, just like the standard chrom, but without the slide.  Be
nice if Hohner would come out with a 12 hole, solo tuned XB harp...

Don D.

jazmaan wrote:

> I'm still thinking about retuning possibilities for the XB-40.   I'm thinking that the
> beast might be more controllable if some of the whole note bends were replaced by
> half-note bends.    And I'm also thinking that a country-tuned major seventh might be
> preferable to the dominant 7th.   I'm sure Pat Missin is well ahead of me in such
> musings.  And I know that with any harmonica tuning, chromatic, diatonic or XB-40,
> there's always a trade-off, you lose something to get something.

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