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Just realised that you answered my question regarding the chassis - if 
it was in a deluxe cab, then I'm betting a deluxe chassis is the 

On Saturday, February 21, 2004, at 09:20 AM, The Bernadettes wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
>     As far as I know the tweed Princetons only came with an 8" speaker.
> The only tweed amps with a single 10" speaker was the Harvard and
> Vibrolux, (the Vibrolux was basically a Harvard with a tremelo effect.)
> The tweed Princeton shared the same cab and controls (single volume and
> tone control) as the Harvard but they were quite different internally, 
> the
> Princeton was a single ended class A, cathode biased amp using a single
> 6V6 power tube into a single 8" 4 ohm speaker, I'd guess pushing 
> around 5
> watts.  The Harvard/Vibrolux was a push/pull class AB, fixed bias amp
> using a pair of 6V6's into a single 10" 8 ohm speaker I'd guess pushing
> around 12 watts.  The Vibrolux used a bigger cab than the Harvard, same
> cab as the Deluxe.
>     Both the tweed Harvard and Princeton make great harp amps obviously
> with slightly different sound.  The Princeton is a bit more compressed 
> and
> "squisshier" than the Harvard as can be expected with a single ended 
> class
> A amp, the Harvard is crunchier and much more dynamic, bolder sounding.
> I've owned a tweed Harvard for years and absolutely love the amp, 
> always
> my choice for recording work for both harp and guitar.  I've had in my
> possession and worked on a couple tweed Princetons, these too are great
> amps...if I had to choose between the two, it would likely be the
> Harvard.  Harvards are pretty rare and highly desired by both harp 
> players
> and guitarists...considered one of the best recording amps ever.
> Everytime I've done a recording session with my Harvard the studio
> engineer or studio owner invariably gives me an offer for the amp, 
> stating
> how much they'd like to acquire one as a house amp for the 
> studio...don't
> ask, it's not for sale!
> Good luck,
> Don D.
> Andrew Wimhurst wrote:
>> Does anybody know if the tweeds ever came with a 10" speaker? If so,
>> which model was that? What was it rated at - same as the 8" models? Or
>> is it BS...?
>> thanks
>> Andrew
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