Re: Gear Post: Tweed Princeton

Thanks for the in-depth response Don. Every now and again I read 
somewhere that someone has a Princeton with a 10 and it confuses the 
heck out of me. I've checked out the Fender amp field guide and (as you 
state) they were all eights - until the brown face model.

I've played tweed Princetons (great!) but the only Harvard I tried 
wasn't great. Mind you - it wasn't an ideal situation. It was a studio 
amp and was placed up against the wall on a cabinet in a small room - 
hence it didn't like my hi-gain mics. I would have liked to have taken 
it away from the wall out into a bigger area and opened it up. Sounds 
like the one you have is excellent. Do you know the chassis dimensions 
on the Harvard? Are they identical to any of the other standard 
chassis' like the Deluxe?

Thanks for a great post!


On Saturday, February 21, 2004, at 09:20 AM, The Bernadettes wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
>     As far as I know the tweed Princetons only came with an 8" speaker.
> The only tweed amps with a single 10" speaker was the Harvard and
> Vibrolux, (the Vibrolux was basically a Harvard with a tremelo effect.)
> The tweed Princeton shared the same cab and controls (single volume and
> tone control) as the Harvard but they were quite different internally, 
> the
> Princeton was a single ended class A, cathode biased amp using a single
> 6V6 power tube into a single 8" 4 ohm speaker, I'd guess pushing 
> around 5
> watts.  The Harvard/Vibrolux was a push/pull class AB, fixed bias amp
> using a pair of 6V6's into a single 10" 8 ohm speaker I'd guess pushing
> around 12 watts.  The Vibrolux used a bigger cab than the Harvard, same
> cab as the Deluxe.
>     Both the tweed Harvard and Princeton make great harp amps obviously
> with slightly different sound.  The Princeton is a bit more compressed 
> and
> "squisshier" than the Harvard as can be expected with a single ended 
> class
> A amp, the Harvard is crunchier and much more dynamic, bolder sounding.
> I've owned a tweed Harvard for years and absolutely love the amp, 
> always
> my choice for recording work for both harp and guitar.  I've had in my
> possession and worked on a couple tweed Princetons, these too are great
> amps...if I had to choose between the two, it would likely be the
> Harvard.  Harvards are pretty rare and highly desired by both harp 
> players
> and guitarists...considered one of the best recording amps ever.
> Everytime I've done a recording session with my Harvard the studio
> engineer or studio owner invariably gives me an offer for the amp, 
> stating
> how much they'd like to acquire one as a house amp for the 
> studio...don't
> ask, it's not for sale!
> Good luck,
> Don D.
> Andrew Wimhurst wrote:
>> Does anybody know if the tweeds ever came with a 10" speaker? If so,
>> which model was that? What was it rated at - same as the 8" models? Or
>> is it BS...?
>> thanks
>> Andrew
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