Re: speaker combination

Thanks for the info and Sonny's web site,as I told Andrew, it sounds
like an interesting combination.
In answer to your question, I am not the same person as  Jimi or Jimmi
Lee from Austin, I think thats
how he spells his name, I have heard good things of him.
I bought a 1956 bassman about 20 yrs. ago that didn't have the orig.
spkrs. in it and on and off I have
been trying different spkr. set ups, at present, on top, I have two blue
alnicos( reissue bassman spkrs.)
on the bottom, one Jensen P10R alnico and a Jensen P10Q ceramic...sounds
fat n' sassy w/a crystal
balls mic.
Jimmy Lee
George Brooks wrote:

> This is from Sonny Jr.'s website:
> >I have spent countless hours testing ten
> >inch speakers, and have settled on a blend
> >of alnico Weber P10Q?s [one smooth cone
> >and one ribbed cone], and a pair of large
> >magnet ceramic Eminence speakers for a
> >tidal wave of sound....
> The URL is:
> Is that Jimmy Lee from Austin, hero of the late-night jams at SPAH?
> George
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