Re: Gear Post: Tweed Princeton

Andrew Wimhurst wrote:
> Does anybody know if the tweeds ever came with a 10" speaker? If 
> so, which model was that? What was it rated at - same as the 8" 
> models? Or is it BS...?

The tweed vibrolux had a single 10" speaker (and was about 10 
watts).  In 1961 (I believe) they switched to Tolex and changed a 12" 
speaker.  In 1964 the Vibrolux reverb replaced the Vibrolux, but 
wasn't really the same amp, 35 watts and 2 x 10" speakers.

You can do your own research on the different models of Fenders tube 
amps at the online Fender Field Guide on 

- -tim

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