Re: Harp for Kids -- need help.

I remember my first toy as being a big ol' blue "Alvin" harmonica.  It must 
have stayed with me, though I never gave harmonica another thought till I 
turned about 19.....then I couldn't live without one.


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>Subject: Re: Harp for Kids -- need help.
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>Subject: Harp for Kids -- need help.
>hey all,
>   i need some advice. i have a nephew-in-law who's
>about 3. we're going to visit him and his family soon,
>and his parents have expressed interest in having me
>bring my harmonicas along. so... here's the question -
>assuming the kid likes the harp, is he too young to
>start learning to play it? i thought i could bring him
>an SP20 with a turbolid and he could learn on that
>withouth poking out an eye.
>   and there's another question, what are some simple
>tunes a kid that age might like? would "3 Blind Mice"
>and "Oh Susannah" be appropriate? any others?
>      --Jp
>Hi JP,
>   I give harmonicas to kids of all ages.
>   The neighbours who live upstairs have a 3 year old boy who I've given a
>couple of Hot Metal harmonicas when they first arrived and he was 2.  Its
>just for fun.
>   Generally I think the intention is to give it to them to let them have 
>   For US$10 you can buy Groovy Harps from Coast to Coast music. They're
>TurboLids with transparent colour matched comb/reedplates - I think they're
>which are a bit cheaper without the turbo lids, and come with their own 
>conventional transparent plastic combs.
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