Re: Gear Post: Tweed Princeton

As far as I know there wasn't ever a narrow panel tweed Prnceton made
with a 10" speaker.  The 10's show up in the Brown Princetons which have
2 6V6's instead of the previous 1.  I checked the ampwares Fender Amp
Field Guide aand the official Fender Book no references to the 10"
speaker until the early 60's.  I've got 2 very late tweed Princetons and
they both have the 8ev Oxford speaker in them. Tweed Deluxes are 12's. 
The later Harvards had 10" speakers.  Very cool harmonica amps but they
are very expensive.  I've been trying to find an affordable early 60's
Harvard for 3 years now and I haven't seen one.  fjm

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