Re: XB-40 in Flat Key

>Jazmaan asks about an XB40 in a flat key.
>I'm not sure why this might be necessary ~ I can see it as useful with standard 
>diatonics, (with limited access to varied scales), but this is a harp that EASILY
>bends to 2 semitones below whatever note you're on.

Because some of us still like to play a few chords once in a while! ;>

I see that two flat keys are now available.  Ab and Db.    Well I would have preferred
Bb or Eb.   But I suppose I could play in the key of Bb using the Ab in 3rd position. 
More like Bb minor actually, but I guess that's better than nothing.

I see that Low F is also available now.  I'm guessing it may be quite difficult to
achieve the low-end blow bends on that harp.  Anybody got one?

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