Re: speaker combination

Thanks for info, it sounds like a good combination, beings he probably
experiments with speakers
alot. The Weber smooth cone and ribbed cone P10Q's are the ones I was
curious about, but like
you said, it could be frought with some error but who knows, it might
work good.
Thanks again,
Jimmy Lee

PL500@xxxxxxx wrote:

>  In a message dated 2/19/04 4:33:25 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> jlenzini@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>      Hi all,
>      Does anyone remember what Sonny Jr's combination of speakers
>      he uses in
>      his 4x10 cab?
>      From what I remember there were two Eminance alnicos and
>      which two types
>      of Weber
>      ceramics?
>      Thanks,
>      Jimmy Lee
> Hey Jimmy, Sonny doesn't specify exactly which speakers he uses in the
> new 4X10 but I my guess is that he is using a blend of Weber Smooth
> coned and ribbed cone P10Q's. This makes his top part alnicos while
> using a pair of Eminences on the bottom ( I think they are Eminence
> Legends which are supposed to be some great speakers). So I think he
> has alncos for the top and ceramics for the bottom. This is only from
> observation, so this could be frought with some error. Andrew

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