Re: Slow power-up on black face vibro champ

Alden asks:
> >but I'm worried about something. When i turn the amp on, it takes about 10
> >seconds before i get any sound out of it with my mic. After that it's o.k. 
> >and
> >sounds great. Is this normal for an old amp like this ? Would new tubes 
> >help ?

in response

Hambone replies:
> If it hasn't been plugged in for five years, I'd say it needs a cap job.  
> New tubes would be a great idea too, but may not be absolutely necessary.  A 
> cap job for a VC is probably $75 or less.  I'd highly recommend, also, the 
> new JJ 6V6 tube, but there are many, though more expensive choices, in NOS 
> tubes.

 A classic case of asking the time and getting told how to build a
watch.  Tube amps are not instant on. They take in the neighborhood of
10 seconds to warm the plates enough that they start to make sound. Is
this normal for an old amp like this?  It's normal for any tube
maplifier.  Changing the tubes will not improve the warm up time.   fjm

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