Re: Harp for Kids -- need help.

>If you are thinking about getting your nephew a harmonica at this 
>age, I would wait for a couple of years.  I would play for him as 
>much as possible, but to get him one now at this age, it would end 
>up ruined, at the bottom of a toy box, or under the couch.  If you 
>wait a couple of years to get him a good one, his motor skills will 
>be much better equipped to handle the instrument.  Get him a little 
>toy plastic one so that he gets the idea of the size and shape in 
>his hands as well as being able to get a sound out of it.  Then if 
>he shows interest after that, get him a good one.  If you are the 
>least bit afraid of him hurting himself get him the plastic one.  As 
>far as playing him tunes that are recognizable to him, play the 
>Sesame Street theme, Barney theme, Yankee Doodle, Jingle Bells, 
>Happy Birthday, etc.  Good Luck 
>Roger Gonzales

  'I' would wait till at least 6 1/2........smo-j

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