Re: Harp for Kids -- need help.

If you are thinking about getting your nephew a harmonica at this age, I would wait for a couple of years.  I would play for him as much as possible, but to get him one now at this age, it would end up ruined, at the bottom of a toy box, or under the couch.  If you wait a couple of years to get him a good one, his motor skills will be much better equipped to handle the instrument.  Get him a little toy plastic one so that he gets the idea of the size and shape in his hands as well as being able to get a sound out of it.  Then if he shows interest after that, get him a good one.  If you are the least bit afraid of him hurting himself get him the plastic one.  As far as playing him tunes that are recognizable to him, play the Sesame Street theme, Barney theme, Yankee Doodle, Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, etc.  Good Luck  

Roger Gonzales


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From: Jp Pagan <jpl_pagan@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 8:11 pm
Subject: Harp for Kids -- need help.

> hey all,
>  i need some advice. i have a nephew-in-law who's
> about 3. we're going to visit him and his family soon,
> and his parents have expressed interest in having me
> bring my harmonicas along. so... here's the question -
> assuming the kid likes the harp, is he too young to
> start learning to play it? i thought i could bring him
> an SP20 with a turbolid and he could learn on that
> withouth poking out an eye. 
>  and there's another question, what are some simple
> tunes a kid that age might like? would "3 Blind Mice"
> and "Oh Susannah" be appropriate? any others?
>     --Jp
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