Jon Gindick's Jam Camp

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I've posted elsewhere about Jon's camp but wanted to say if you're on
the fence about attending one of the upcoming camps, go. I attended the
recent jam camp in Rockville with some reservations; I consider myself
an intermediate-on-the-verge-of-the-next level and the camp seemed to
focus on beginners. There is that, but I found myself with ample
opportunities to play and learn from some first-rate teachers (Jon
Gindick of course and also Larry Iceman Eisenberg & Allen
Radcliffe-Holmes, in my case). Jon cultivates a supportive & warm
environment to play in, and the comradery & the response I got to my own
playing was very gratifying.=20

In the scheme of things, I'd love to go back to the Augusta Heritage
Center during Blues Week there, and that would be my first choice. But
the last time I attended Augusta was twelve years ago; since then I
haven't been able to create the time & space to attend again. Spending
three days cultivating my Inner DownChild at Jon's camp was a peak
harmonica experience and I'm glad I went.

My two cents, YMMV, usual disclaimers apply... Howard Parks

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