Re: XB40 in flat key

 Jazman asks about an XB40 in a flat key.
 I'm not sure why this might be necessary ~ I can see it as useful with standard diatonics, (with limited access to varied scales), but this is a harp that EASILY bends to 2 semitones below whatever note you're on. Bends as easily as though you were simply whistling, or singing. All the flats are there already, its just a matter of adjusting your approach. It's a little disorienting to not have to work very hard to get any note you want, and to not unconsciously assign a single note to a single hole; but like anything, once you accept the larger scope of it, you can go pretty much anywhere you like.
 In the car, with the radio, I find an XB40 in the key of C is the only harp you need to play any song in any key. Its like having a piano! But better, of course, because hey, its a Harmonica!

Jeff G 

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