Shaker Madcat Mic

I just bought a Shaker Madcat Mic.  This may sound really stupid, but I
can't figure out how to hold the darn thing!  It sounds great, and I'd like
to be able to use it.
Any suggestions from anyone?  Also:  I hold my harp in a non-traditional
right handed grip, so will this affect how I need to hold the mic?
Thanks for any replies.

Rik Williger

  The MadCat mic is intended to be held at the joint between two fingers of
your left hand.  The volume knob is on the right so you can adjust it with
you right hand, and the cable sticks out to the left to curl around your
left wrist out of the way.

Image here:-

If you hold your harps left handed you're stuffed.

  You won't have this problem with most other mics.

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