Re : Harp for Kids -- need help.

JP :

I was given my first diatonic harmonica age 4 . I didn't hurt myself ever , but at age three your nephew might be not be ready for the gift of a legit instrument . I don't  think I was ready at three , maybe , I don't  really know .

Think it out this way  in your situation :

I have a three year old grandson , I play for him and have let him get aquatinted with harmonica sound's  like , train's , buzzing fly , baby sound's etc ... that I can get out of a harmonica as well as the nursery rhymes he knows already and other songs I play for him . I also play the guitar for him and bought him  a little child's size guitar , I keep it here in my home for him ( because he's not ready to care properly for  it as an  "  age of reason "  type child can do ) to play when he visits me at my house , he accompanies me as I play either guitar or harmonica ,  ya got to luv em to put up with the racket a child can make when first trying to play any instrument :) If I were you I would ask his parents what are his very best favorite(s) nursery songs and play them  to get him ( hopefully ) to participate and become aware of group interaction through music , this will help make him aware of this new way of getting attention and that is a sure fire way to have him adj!
ust to a social environment in a positive way because of the building his self esteem through the accomplishment of being able to play a musical instrument  .  A possible consideration is a cheap plastic toy harp that covers a complete octave . I would guess your observations on a turbo lid are a good idea as far as safety's sake goes . I would add an added measure of safety by sealing the turbo lids with a non toxic glue to avoid him hurting himself if they come apart , and believe me a three year old is capable of doing allot of harm not only to himself , but also to other children as well as an adult or two . A brass reed plate has some weight to it and can be very harmful when thrown , you have heard it before  " everyone had a great time till so and so put an eye out ".

I am waiting till my grandson hits 4 years of age , I believe  that is a great time for a child to get his ( her ) feet wet learning how to play a song on a harmonica . I was not the average type kid and so is this one grandson of mine , he is my spitten image and acts allot like me . You should take into account how mature the child is because a child's maturity is displayed in many ways positive and or negative . If he is  one  " well behaved " child that takes instructions from his parents and follows the order's his parents give when they ask him to do something  the first time ( anything  for that matter )  with out them having to insist that he comply over and over , I would assume he is ready , the reverse is true if he is the type of child that doesn't listen or obey his parents then I would  wait till he has reached that age of reason and not before . If he reacts to your playing positively displaying a desire to want to play harmonica , then you have a bargaining c!
hip on the table with this young child who ( if he was truly inspired and motivated mind you) would do anything to be able to have one to play . I used this technique on a nephew who wanted one but was a little hell raiser . His parents saw the control I had on their child and they themselves learned a new way to motive their child with out having to continually whine and whine for him to stop what ever he was doing , or to do something and behave . If this is the scenario there I would try the old  " carrot hanging from a stick " trick  , keeping  it just out of reach till a good attitude is established by the child . It worked for my nephew , he's now 21 and we have a great relationship .

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