Re: mic repair.

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I have several mics from Larry Price at Midwest Microphone.  He added a =
volume pot and connector to my T-3, what a great  job he did.  I also =
have a great harp mic he made for me out of a Turner 254 C shell.  It's =
my favorite, the shell is smaller and rounded after gets done with it.   =
It works well for my smaller hands.

 I worked with Larry here in Minnesota before he moved to Milwaukee.  He =
is an excellent craftsman and has reasonable prices.  He has a good =
supply of parts.  I strongly recommend him. =20

 You can check out his web site at the link below.  Here is his e-mail =
if you want to start a dialog with him .=20


He has a web site here is the link.

Best regards,
Rick Dropik
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  Subject: mic repair.

  anybody know a good mic repairman?? i have some very old harp mics.i =
need someone honest.

  tom in ct. 

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