FS: Little Lanilei True Spring Reverb

Hey there guys,
  I need money!
I have a Songworks "Little Lanilei" Spring reverb, in mint condition, in
mint green, true bypass, true spring reverb, with remote footswitch, harp
mic mod, rounded off with one cool mermaid decal outboard reverb pedal.
Its the real thing!
  I'm offering it here first.

Shops sell this pedal (without the harp mod) for US$175.
I had Ron Holmes modify it for harmonica microphones like the hot Astatic
JT30 and discontinued bullets, normally US$85.
  Thats US$260 worth of real reverb harmonica mic effects and I'm only
asking US$160 ono. harpon@xxxxxxxxxxx
Inquiries offlist.

Read all about it here http://www.songworks.com/reverb.htm  and here:
Contains Accutronics 8'' (3) spring reverb tank with a driver stage.  9 Volt
battery operation (or wall adapter).
On/Off True bypass switch with LED indicator.
Blend knob for "clean" to "wet" settings.
Gain knob for tank drive level.  9" x 3 1/2"x 1 1/2"
AND Harp Mic mod by Ron Holmes.

All yours for US$160 ono.

- -- G.

PS.  Songworks make an interesting range of small but powerful and diverse
amplifiers and effects:

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