Re: Shaker Madcat Mic

shaker madcat was made for holding in left hand - or so i thought -

the spine that runs between the mic bulb and the volume control I slip either between my ring and 2nd finger or sometimes i will get a cramp and place it between the 4th and ring finger - pushing it further away from the harmonica - but then the mic isn't gnashing against the harmonica face.

I wrap the lead around my wrist so it doesn't wiggle about in front of my face - if its for playign a long set I got an old velcro watch strap and stick the lead under that and run down my arm to the lead to amp/pa.


>>> rlwilliger <rlwilliger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 02/19/04 04:08am >>>

I just bought a Shaker Madcat Mic.  This may sound really stupid, but I
can't figure out how to hold the darn thing!  It sounds great, and I'd like
to be able to use it.
Any suggestions from anyone?  Also:  I hold my harp in a non-traditional
right handed grip, so will this affect how I need to hold the mic?
Thanks for any replies.

Rik Williger

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