Re: Shaker Madcat Mic

My grip is in with my left hand, but you should be able to transpose.
I hold the Madcat between my ring finger and my pinkie with the volume 
knob above my fingers.  I have also been known to hold it between my 
middle ("bird") finger and my ring finger.  Depends on what size chamber 
you feel like cupping the mic in.
The best way to explain it is to hold your hand in front of your mouth 
with a harp gripped in it using your standard acoustic grip.  Slide the 
Madcat between either of the previously mentioned sets of fingers so 
that the grill of the mic is facing the harp and the volume knob is 
above the fingers and then close your fingers together.  Now use your 
free hand to form your cup.  It doesn't take much practice to learn to 
twiddle the volume knob with a finger on your free hand without breaking 
your seal.
Hope this helps,

rlwilliger wrote:

>I just bought a Shaker Madcat Mic.  This may sound really stupid, but I
>can't figure out how to hold the darn thing!  It sounds great, and I'd like
>to be able to use it.
>Any suggestions from anyone?  Also:  I hold my harp in a non-traditional
>right handed grip, so will this affect how I need to hold the mic?
>Thanks for any replies.
>Rik Williger
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