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Hello Everyone,
      I noticed that a few folks have been asking about mic repairs and I 
thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Larry Price and I operate Midwest 
Microphone. .  I repair and customize harp mics.  I 
have met and know some of you on Harp-l from SPAH this last August and to you I 
say hello. If you have questions about repairs or other related mic questions 
I will be glad to anwser them on or off list.  If I can help you fix 
something I will be glad to do that for you too.  As for refrences I can provide you 
with some folks who have been kind enough to put in a few good words for me.  
Tom Ellis is a customer that I do some work for example. 

A quick note to the Harp-l administrator.  I apologize for the bisiness plug 
here and i promise that I wont do it again.  I just couldn't figure out a way 
to contribute to the list without a little background on me. Again sorry.


Larry Price
Hey Listers, 

I stand by Larry Price on this statement. He is fair, has solid turnover 
time, and does excellent work. I have a microphone he worked on that might be 
hitting the list soon, depending on circumstances. 


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