son of gear lust

It's hard to explain gear lust to someone who hasn't experienced the epiphany. 
You can play through just about any amp and get a nice sound, fine for live 
work, loud enough to compete with guitars and drummers. Any Fender amp 50 watts 
or more will be way too loud past 2 and will adequately reproduce your 
tone.Turn the treble way down, turn the bass up a little. Stand off to the side.

But wait untill you find your amp. It doesn't have to be an expensive amp with 
all the bells and whistles, just one that fits you. It's magic. My friend Steve 
has a 48 Champ. That thing matches my mic (a Mexican bullet) and my playing 
style perfectly. Playing it is a dream. Steve starts playing power chords, I 
hit a few octaves and we're in rock and roll heaven. Real musical compression. 
Very nice warm distortion.Sort of built in EQ with the small speaker. Steve 
usually plays with octave pedals and such, so the champ cuts some of the real 
low out of the harp, actually cleans up mix-less muddy. Plenty of bass, just 
not too much-not boomy.

You just have to experience it.

Try before you buy. All those new boutique amps look so cool, and those vintage 
amp ads sound like vintage wine reviews. They may not be the amp for you.Try it 
out with your mic and your band see how it sounds. Try some recording with it. 
Courtship is always thrilling, but is this the amp you want to spend the rest 
of your life with? You don't need big bucks to get big sound. Check out your 
friend's amps as well. If you like a nice clean sound and you have the bucks 
try a black face Pro Reverb with a Shure unisphere. Very nice.Killer for 

Rainbow Jimmy

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