Crate ~Vintage Club 50, 2 X 10~

Well- Ya'all have helped with more obscure questions
before. I'll give it a shot: Anyone know an Amp Tech
in the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, Pa area? I'm sick
of shiping amps, taking them apart to send parts,
etc.. Nothing like screwing an amp up, waiting 3
months, putting it back together and having it be a
little worse. Nobodies fault but my own, mind you.

While we're at it. I have this Crate ~Vintage Club 50,
3 X 10~, that sounds, almost, great. Just a little
thin and willing to feedback at 1.5. I'd love to have
some genious nurse it to it's glorious destiny as my
bigger gig harp amp [in case the Twin Reverb never
gets broken in right]- - -Or is the Crates pre-amp
solid state???? Any comments from a ~Vintage Club 50~
owner appreciated.

And, yes, I know that my basement full of tubes is not
improving my chops any. But I'm having fun [most of
the time].


PS: And, no, we can't all just get along. Some folks
get weird when the conversation turns away from their
field of interest. Just keep doing what your doing and
keep on growing in ANY dang kind of knowledge

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