Newbies , Semi Pro's & Pro's ( WAS TONE STUFF )

Andrew Wimhurst Sez :

>To summarize my view: when someone asks a question about gear lets try and assume they can play (a basic courtesy) and then give specific gear-related answers, not cliched generalizations.

Mark Peloquin sez :

>I think that good acoustic tone IS mentioned quite often. I would >guess at least once a week. Do we need to hear it daily? Hourly? >Every other post?

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      To My Gang Of Hot Breathing Monsters & Monsterettes 

                    Let us begin with this : 

Besides the the above mentioned and myself , there have got to be a few more thinking like them and myself . 

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                          This Tone Thang 

I see it here and in other forums , individuals barkng out a "knee jerk " reaction phrase over and over again and I guess you have to be patient with the newbies , and the newbies have to be able to take a critism when its merited . And its seems this cycle goes on and on repeating itself like a Star Gate Worm Hole Crack in the Space & Time Continuim episode  , what's a serious semi pro & pro to do , worry worry worry -NOT- , but heck a fire newbies fear not we're here to help you not hurt you ! 

Its the nature of the beast in these open forums , a something for everyone thing I suppose goes on here with one level establishing themselves and so on . I once ( and I think I have the experience to back my talk with 49 years at it and a working musician for over 22' years  ) laid out a certain critisism about having a CD with all the music layed out in one key . My responce was aimed at the type player that  is serious and wanting to perform live with a real group of musicians . I got hell from those who thought I was arrogant and inconsiderate because they thought that a CD like that was great to put in your car and practice and so forth , cool I thought for the first step , but by no means a great study guide , man  you ought to be paying attention to  the road I think .  When I put in a pratice session its hours long 4 to 6 ain't out of the way for me  . I had to take passages from that first e-mail I made the comment on to distinguish the  amateurs from the semi pros!
 & pro's many many times , it got boring . Mentioning  if you are not in " That Catagory Of Semi or Pro's level , don't sweat it ". It took me  at least 6 detailed e-mails to quell the hurts that were felt because  some people ( newbies now this time , and it is cool  to be a newbie I was one once too :) really lost it when returning a responce to my first e-mail on the subject of the whole CD being in one key ( also , your never going to play in public from the front seat of your car ) , finally I was fully undrstood and no longer considered an arrogant person who had little regard for others feelings .

Truth is though I guess these " knee jerk " reactions are to be understoon as a passionate responce(s) once a newbie has learned something , and is so exicited and wants so much to break out of that classification of being a newbie ( the Froshman Complex I call it:) and that's exactically what we're seeing on that topic of the  " TONE "  stuff when it  pops out like  gas at the dinner table here ( I love that analogy ) . To the semi's & pro's it reads like a kid(s) in school classroom dragging his ( hers ) finger nails accross the black board heh heh .

To the newbies , fellas like myself and others here like Mike Peloquin ( high  Mike I understand ya ) and Andrew Wimhurst ( yo man ! ) feel this and just have to say " Alright next topic pleeeease !!! Or Not That AGAIN ! ! heh heh heh . Patients on one part ( us guys ) and restaint on the other ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ) , would truly make this a happy happy campgroung .

To quote Emiril The Chef : 

       ¡¡ BAM !!

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon         

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