Re: Lee Oskar covers

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:24:10 EST
From: Captron100@xxxxxxx
Subject: Lee Oskar covers

I recently bought several LO's and one harp (key of Ab) has covers which are
higher and bulbous, compared to any other LO's i've ever played, and also
compared to Special 20's which i usu. play.  (I don't like these larger
covers,  possibly onlyy because i'm not use to it.)
  Can anyone pls. tell me what the deal is re these larger covers?  Is it
something new and now the standard LO cover, or what?
  Thanks in advance,

Yo!  Yeah - the low key Lee Oskars come with the larger deeper bottom covers
to avoid having the heavy long draw reeds hitting the bottom cover.

You can buy new replacement Lee Oskar covers from the same places you can
buy replacement LO reedplates (and LO combs) from.

I recommend Coast 2 Coast Music

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