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Here! Here!  Well said Bullfrog.
I too get a lot from the list.=20
Last night I saw Norton Buffalo in concert (Christchurch, New Zealand). =
I was fortunate enough to talk to him after the show. Our discussions =
focused on pre amps, chromatic reed plates / combs and music styles for =
harp. I was humbled by his manner and felt very welcomed with my =
questions. The professional impression I got from Norton, was that its =
ALL IMPORTANT if it helps you (or works for you)=20
Good acoustic tone deserves good amplification equipment and visa versa. =
Its a musical system with you in the centre......It can be complex or = call it.
Cheers ;-)
Pete Knapton
ps....the concert was purely enlightening.

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  I have been using this list for about a year, now and have gotten so =
much valuable information from folks, on a great many aspects of =
harping.  I've been playing througha Shure 57, direct into P.A.s as an =
acoustic musician, for a lot of years.  recently, I've gone electric, =
and it is a new world for me.  Tone is something that i seem to always =
be working on.  Thanks to the list, I've been weaving my way through =
mics, amps and modelers.  This is such a subjective and personal part of =
harping.  I hope that the list will continue to be a place where people =
are comfortable enough to ask  questions on all aspects of the =
harmonica, and give opinions.  Thanks.  Bullfrog

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