Re: Silvertone 1432 Speaker

The speaker is critical to the 1432.  It originally came with a 12" that was
so deep that it had more paper (area) in the cone than most 15" speakers.
Terrific bass response for harp!  Anyway, these were in just about all of
the Silvertone's of that era with 12" speakers - very efficient (1/2" voice
coil) too.  If you have the original, it probably won't last you more than a
year of hard gigging.

They don't make the recone kit for these anymore.  I presented this dilemma
to Ted Weber and he suggested a P12QR.  He called it a cross between a
tweed-era and brown -era Jensen.  This is the right vintage for the 1432
also.  It sounds fantastic in all of my Silvertones!  Weber will make this
on a special order.  It cost me somewhere around $90.

Good Luck

Bernie Clarke
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> I bought a Silvertone 1432 a while ago and I'm just
> getting around to giving it the TLC it needs. A friend
> of mine has a C12R in his and it sounds fine and the
> guy at reccommended a P12Q.
> Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
> Thanks
> Ryan
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