Can't we all...

My apologies Andrew. I am usually able to recognize sarcasm. Blew it this 

My opinion holds fast (as always.) Enough about tone posts!

Does anyone want any theoretical enlightenment?
I don't need that stuff anymore--I be all about tone from now on
- -maybe Winslow can help you!

BTW, heard a rumor that the great Jason Ricci will be at SPAH in St. Louis 
this year.

Michael Peloquin

>From: Andrew Wimhurst <awimhurst@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Reply-To: Andrew Wimhurst <awimhurst@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: PLEASE, let's stop posts on acoustic tone vs. gear lust!
>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 10:35:08 +1100
>Hi Michael,
>Actually, my acoustic tone posts are satirical. If you'd read some of my 
>posts here in the last month or two, you'll see that I am tired of the same 
>cliched (bleeding obvious) advice being trotted out.
>To summarize my view: when someone asks a question about gear lets try and 
>assume they can play (a basic courtesy) and then give specific gear-related 
>answers, not cliched generalizations. Of course, if someone asks a question 
>and says they are a total newbie, then that's different. But there are a 
>lot of people on this list whose names I have seen here and on the previous 
>incarnation of Harp-L over many, many years, who don't need to be reminded 
>of the acoustic tone thing every eight posts.
>The analogy I would draw is that, on guitar forums, when someone asks how 
>to get close to Grant Green's or Charlie Christian's tone, people don't 
>butt in and say, "Don't forget that you have to be able to play the guitar 
>first, tone comes from you not the gear!"
>>From:   "Michael Peloquin" < peloquinharp@xxxx >
>>Date:   Tue Feb 17, 2004  9:46 pm
>>Subject:   PLEASE, let's stop posts on acoustic tone vs. gear lust!
>>Andrew posts:
>> >Good tone comes from YOU. I don't think this is mentioned enough in this
>> >forum. You should never forget it, okay? Indeed, if I was running the
>> >country, every second message on Harp-L should spell this out. The amp 
>> >mic just AREN'T important AT ALL.
>>But Andrew--some on this list have good tone and others eventually will 
>>good tone. Mics & amps make a difference then, huh?
>>I think that good acoustic tone IS mentioned quite often. I would guess at
>>least once a week. Do we need to hear it daily? Hourly? Every other post?
>>Most harmonica instruction is aimed at beginners, why is it that our posts
>>have to also be?
>>I know some people think that an amp/mic will make them sound great, I 
>>that many years ago, I did also. I found out very soon that it did not 
>>that way.
>>I feel that I and many like me are at a point in our musical development
>>where we CAN & WILL discuss our opinions on gear. I'd bet guitar players
>>don't harp on the fact that you must have good acoustic tone before you 
>>plug in and talk about gear.
>>your pal in harmonica always,
>>Michael Peloquin

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